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Address:  1451 Strawberry Rd.

                  Mohegan Lake, NY



We have the solution for all of your gardening and storage needs

Amish wooden products

landscape necessities

Sheds, garages and more

Annuals & Perennials

Annuals and perennials                                              Mulch, Hay and straw
sheds, garages, barns, & Gazebos
Christmas trees & greens                                            Amish products

 Mohegan Lake, NY

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Flowers are nature's paint ...  Make your landscape colorful and beautiful with the right selection of flora.

Built by the Amish, who are known to be some of the best craftsmen in the world, our sheds and garages are made to last.

Have your garden looking healthy and tidy with the right combination of top soil, organic compost manure, peat moss, and/or mulch.

We also provide a nice selection of wishing wells, light houses, bird feeders, wagon wheels, mail boxes, and garden  bridges.